Leading Grocery Store Chain deploys dual-purpose microgrids to all Distribution Centers


Texas area stores and distribution centers frequently experienced intermittent power outages that caused interruptions affecting their customers and communities.

The grocery chain also wanted to ensure their stores could remain open during severe and Unpredictable weather events such as Hurricanes, Flooding, High Winds, Etc.


Portfolio size: 204 MW
Current COD (MW): 183 MW
Under construction (MW): 21 MW


Enchanted Rock will install resiliency microgrids at all of customer’s Texas stores and distribution centers, totaling ~360 sites for ~400MW.


  • Customer initially contracted with Enchanted Rock in 2016 for 50 MW of resiliency dual-purpose microgrids across the Houston region.
  • Since then, Customer has expanded the agreement to over 100 MW of additional locations across Texas and will eventually include all Texas retail and DC sites.
  • Stores now have full electrical reliability and can provide critical service to the community during major and minor power outages.
  • Since commissioning the first microgrid, the client has experienced sustained sales growth due in part to meeting their customers’ needs during emergencies.
  • Enchanted Rock has saved customer $100MM+ of dollars in lost inventory and register sales by preventing power outages.
  • Additionally, Enchanted Rock monitors grid power quality and islands client’s stores/distribution centers when problems are detected, saving the client from equipment damage and product losses.



270+ Operational Microgrid Sites
565+ # of MW Commissioned
260+ MW Under Construction
11,000+ Hours of Outages Covered
540,000+ Unit Run Hours
$550MM+ Money Deployed in Microgrids
99.999% Combined Reliability

Stats as of Published Date

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