Recorded Webinar: AWWA Power Resilience and Planning for Black Sky Events

The US water utility industry continues to improve its ability to respond to power outages, but new challenges continue to emerge— including an increase in severe weather events, cyber threats, and an aging electric grid. Would your facility be able to sustain operations during a severe outage lasting several days to several weeks?

According to EPA’s Power Resilience: Guide for Water and Wastewater Utilities, “black sky planning,” or disaster preparedness for extended outages is essential for the water industry. Ensuring uninterrupted power is a critical part this planning. The good news is that new strategies and modernized technologies are making full facility power resiliency more reliable and affordable than ever before.

For this webinar, we’ve assembled an industry panel to share lessons learned and best practices to ensure uninterrupted operations to ensureand clean water to keep our communities and essential services such as hospitals operating safely, even during extended outages.
The discussion will aim to provide an understanding of what resiliency options are available as water facilities integrate renewables, move away from diesel, and face more outages due to severe weather, an aging power grid, etc..

Learning Objectives:

  • Learn the new facility challenges in 2022 and operational resiliency lessons learned in 2021.
  • Learn how other water facilities are addressing potential risk from power outages due to severe weather or other events.
  • Outline the different options available for power resiliency and the pros and cons for each.
  • Evaluate the benefits of emerging technologies beyond traditional diesel generators.

Learn from this webinar’s esteemed presenters:

  • Phil Martin; General Manager, Fort Bend County Levee Improvement District #2
  • Melinda Silva, P.E.; Public Works – Senior Project Manager, DEC Engineering
  • Greg Bowen; Sales Manager-Critical Infrastructure, Enchanted Rock