Recorded Webinar: How to Foster Resilience in Times of Crisis

As the healthcare industry grapples to respond and adapt to the new normal of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, healthcare facilities must simultaneously focus on crisis-proofing operations to keep patients and staff safe. Whether it is a national health crisis, a hurricane-induced grid outage, or a wildfire power safety shutoff, the next high impact event will require proactive business continuity planning and resilient mission-critical support. 

To address this important topic, we are bringing together a panel of industry professionals to discuss what is top of mind for them and the steps they are taking to design resilient facilities that safeguard critical operations. 


Learning Points: 

  • What does resilience in a hospital setting look like and what steps are hospitals taking to ensure continuity of business? 
  • What cascading effects happen to hospital operations with power outages and how quickly do they happen? 
  • Can resilient solutions designed in a sustainable manner? 
  • Is a resilient hospital economically feasible?