Recorded Webinar: Resilient Facility Design for the Water Utility Industry

What does resiliency mean in the healthcare industry, and what steps are facilities taking to ensure continuous operations?

Critical infrastructure faces various unprecedented challenges amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, and the water utility industry is no exception. Water facilities continue to provide clean water to keep our communities and essential services such as hospitals operating safely; however, there is increased pressure on budget due to lower tax receipts during an economic slowdown.

While water utility facilities have always valued crisis proofing operations, new contingency strategies and technologies are becoming the new normal in facility design. In this industry roundtable discussion, we brought together a panel of professionals to share what steps they are taking to safeguard water utility facilities during these uncertain times.

They addressed this critical topic and the steps they are taking to design resilient facilities that safeguard crucial operations.


Learning Points:

  • What unique facility challenges are the industry facing in 2020?
  • What are the risks associated with power outages due to severe weather or other events?
  • What are cost-effective options that provide power resiliency?
  • What can we learn from other industries?