Recorded Webinar: Mitigating Risk with a Resilient Facility Design 

As the biopharmaceutical industry manages operations and expansion of manufacturing capabilities in the U.S. amidst the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, companies are faced with unprecedented challenges. Facility design flexibility and operational resiliency are critical to mitigate risk.

While biopharmaceutical facilities have always valued crisis proofing operations, new contingency strategies and technologies are becoming the new normal in facility design. In this industry roundtable discussion,  a panel of industry professionals share what steps they are taking to safeguard manufacturing facilities and address the below topics:


Learning Points:

  • What is the economic risk of power outages?
  • How can facility design minimize risk in the pharma industry?
  • How have changing environmental drivers and energy markets affected your resiliency strategy?
  • What is the role of diesel going forward?
  • How can we minimize capex and opex for resiliency?
  • How can power resiliency be considered a competitive advantage?